Track diagnostic - PATER
PATER track diagnostics expert system
Besides the knowledge of quality the safe and economical maintenance of railway tracks plays an increasingly important role these days. The newly developed „PATER” track diagnostics expert software is intended to fulfil this task.
PATER is a computer program that keeps records of railway tracks, monitors their condition and performs maintenance planning duties. Its purpose is to assist track maintenance professionals in managing the data of the technical and measurement systems, presenting the condition of the track, planning track maintenance jobs depending on track conditions, selecting the appropriate technology and performing cost estimates.
This is a client-server based program that ensures that data stored in the database can be accessed from anywhere and client users can use them through the internet in case of sufficient authorisation. This model makes it possible that all data is stored and updated in one location therefore the data available to users is always up-to-date.
The program provides the flexible management of any number of measurement systems thus user companies can keep records of their own systems. Basically the values of local defects and general track classification indicators are analysed in the engineering practice which data is sufficient to evaluate traffic safety and quality. Measurement tools frequently applied in practice: track geometry, rail examination, rail profile measurement, wavy rail wear, overhead transmission line measurement and track inspection systems.
In case of individual measuring systems real measurement data and dimension limits are registered. Based on the built-in mathematical algorithms the system recommends the type of work to be performed.
The program can prepare different statements and statistics from the registered technical and measurement data and can process them.

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