Track diagnostics - FMK 004 track geometry measuring car

Measuring systems

The FMK-004 measuring car performs track geometry and clearance gauge measurements in several Central European countries. The car is diesel-powered, self-propelled. The measurement results are available for the customer in print and in electronic form immediately after the completion of the measurement. The clearance measurement require post processing in the office before delivery. To the measuring results section data and GNSS coordinates are ordered by the measuring systems. An office system helps to display, further evaluate and analyse the measuring results.

Technical data:

Length:15 m
Axle load:13 t
Max measuring speed:100 km/h

Track geometry measuring system

The track geometry measuring system measures with contact, in other words the measuring system calculates most of the measuring results from the movements of the wheels on the rail (altogether 18 smaller or larger wheels on 9 axles). The measuring system is also capable providing alignment and longitudinal level (sinking) diagrams on distortion free base and on original chord base. The cross section is determined using a gyroscope. The twist can be calculated for different bases.

Measured track geometry characteristics:

  • Gauge
  • Cross level /superelevation/
  • Twist
    on 5 different bases
  • Longitudinal level /sinking/
    on original chord, and in D1 or D2 wavelength range
  • Alignment
    on original chord, and in D1 or D2 wavelength range
  • Gauge change
    on any base
  • Average gauge
    on any base
  • Curvature
  • Twist-differences
    on 5 different bases
  • Longitudinal level /sinking/ moving standard deviation
    on any base

Main services:

  • Measuring graphs
    ( different measuring limits with objects)
  • List of local defects
    ( taking into account different measuring limits)
  • General track condition judgment measuring and qualification numbers
    ( at any length)

Clearance gauge measuring system

It is suitable for checking the standard clearance and it is also capable of doing measurements what is required for the transmittance tests of the oversized rail freight. The data recording is based on a rotating laser unit located at one end of the wagon complemented with further laser units and with the camera system. The measuring is evaluated later in the office.

Main services:

  • Obstacle list
    (for any clearance shape, with vegetation or without, taking into consideration the curve supplement, determining the detected object)
  • Complete set of points
    (per track cross sections; in editable format or on photo)
  • Video recording
  • Distance of adjacent track axis
  • Creating diagrams based on the coordinates of the detected objects / CC BY 3.0