Measuring of rail tracks

MÁV Zrt. (Hungarian State Railways Co.)per annum~17 000 km (kilometre)
Slovenian Railwaysper annum~3 000 rk
GySEVper annum~300 rk
Rail condition analysis and evaluation, providing an expert system for the network of MÁV Co..

Rail diagnostics

Automated ultrasonic rail testing
MÁV Zrt. (Hungarian State Railways Co.)per annum~7 100 rk
Austrian Railwaysper annum~7 200 rk
Slovak Railwaysper annum~2 300 rk
GySEVper annum~300 rk
Earlier we also carried out several test on the area of the German Railways.

Automated rail profile measurement

MÁV Co. (Hungarian State Railways Co.)per annum~4 100 rk
Slovak RailwaysIn the year 2000~150 rk
GySEVper annum~300 rk
Earlier we also carried out several tests on the area of the Italian Railways.

Material quality control

Rails43 500 tons
Various concrete or reinforced concrete units73 100 PCs
Turnouts and their components510 groups
Welded rails2 710 PCs
Various plastic products1 000 000 PCs
Various wood products and19 200 PCs
Various screws and binding components5 450 000 PCs
Various rolled products2 500 tons
Various steel casting for superstructure1 450 PCs
Various weld doses or welds13 450 PCs
Testing of coarse crushed stone120 000 tons

Bridge diagnostics

Specification of taskPCs
Customer independent quality control16
III. degree bridge inspection (excess work)21
Orders from MÁV Co. Track Management Centre22
Inspections according to H422
Non-series III. degree bridge inspections45
III. degree bridge inspections on open lines519

Substructure examination

Every year we do several inspections, which are connected with the renovation maintenance tasks of the MÁV Co. (Radiometric soil compactness measuring, static disc load-bearing tests, soil indentifying inspections, stability inspections and laboratory strength tests). / CC BY 3.0